About Us


Who Is Momentum LLC?

Momentum is an Indianapolis-based search firm that offers unparalleled recruitment services for permanent Information Technology positions.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a friend who:

Knew the hiring managers at the best technology employers in the state

Followed the companies, and knew which were growing, declining, paid the best, and had the best work cultures
Tracked the technologies being used in each firm, and
Could give you honest advice regarding the best moves for your career?
Thousands of IT Professionals do have that friend – they have used Momentum’s experienced recruiting staff to help with a job change, or just for advice. Smart CIO’s and CTO’s turn to Momentum to find the best people, or simply to answer questions about “What’s going on in the Indiana technology market”?

Our recruiters listen to your unique personal needs and professional motivations. We are first and foremost concerned with finding the right opportunity for you. This commitment extends beyond simply matching your technical skills with those required by a potential employer. We want to know about other factors affecting the success of your job…Under what management style are you most productive? Do you prefer a more or less conservative environment? Are you most comfortable working as part of a team or do you prefer to work independently?

Combined, our team has over 50 YEARS of experience in the local IT search business; that’s a LOT of knowledge!

Unfortunately, many recruiters are only interested in what is best for themselves – you have run into these types. At Momentum, we take pride in doing what is best for our clients – just check out the many LinkedIn recommendations our team has received.

So, if you need to talk about IT jobs in the Indianapolis area, give us a call. And make a new friend.


The Momentum Team

Don Kellner

Executive Recruiter

Someone told me that I know more people in Indiana IT than anyone else; I became a recruiter at age 27 (we won’t say how long ago that was) and stopped counting how many IT people I had interviewed at 10,000 – and that was years ago. If you look at the respected software product firms here, I’m proud to have put my fingerprints on many of them.

I’m an active supporter of our technology community – a member of SIM, an Industry Advisor in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI (shh – I’m an IU grad), and frequent guest speaker at universities.

My firm has helped literally hundreds and hundreds of IT people improve their careers, which brings us a lot of satisfaction and helps the Indiana technology community. So, if you would like to discuss hiring strategies, the local technology job market, your ideal job, or just favorite wines, give me a call or email me at don@in-momentum.com.

Nathan Kellner

Executive Recruiter

You could say that I was born into IT Recruitment!

For my age, I have more experience in recruiting than anyone in the country. I grew up discussing technology and corporate structures around the dinner table as a child, began working for Momentum at the age of 16, and have been fortunate enough to build some of the top performing development teams in Indiana. I also specialize in Executive Management roles for top national Professional Services organizations.

I have a deep passion for technology and find nothing more rewarding than making a positive impact on the careers of my candidates. Whether you want to discuss your dream job, learn more about the local IT market, or want to chat about IU Basketball…give me a call or email me at nate@in-momentum.com.

Ryan Kellner

Executive Recruiter

My experience has been with the industries of IT, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Molecular Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals, but I am always open and eager to learn about new industries as well. Regardless of the position, my main focus is listening to the needs and wants of my clients, and then finding the proper solutions that best fit them. In addition, I have always loved helping people navigate through the process of CHANGE, whether it is with a multi-million dollar project or changing their entire career!

When I’m not helping people find their perfect job position, I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my son grow up.

If you are looking for where to go next in your career, you don’t have to do it alone. Contact me, and I will help you through the entire process along the way! You can email me at ryan@in-momentum.com.